Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another day..... ;0)

Apparently my Dalai Llama's ego is easily bruised? We welcomed Julia to the farm yesterday- she is my friend Kathi's beautiful llama! Dalai came to see who was new in 'his' kingdom and was promptly told Julia was not impressed! She has a full coat of beauteous fiber and looks might poofy- Dalai had an all over haircut this year- but still THINKS he is poofy! He sort of is now that he is ready for winter, however, he took one look at her and said WOWSER! He was not sure if he should be impressed with HER, or try to tell her he was boss? He looked a little confused poor fellow. He wandered off and left her by the fence after a long staredown- with both having those long banana ears pinned back- they hold their heads so funny when they do that- makes them look like a camel! What? camels? I love camels!!! bwaaahahahaha! Jim cringes at the thought..... I don't!
SO, getting Julia settled in and comfy with her little special needs sheep and have boxes to get on their way today. Rainy and weird around here but great inside work weather! Yey, because I have lots! We will be updating the site this weekend so be sure to stop back ok? Toodles for now!
PS- critter photo shoot planned for the weekend too- Julia, Cricket and everyone!

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