Monday, February 08, 2010

Studio, lambies and updates- oh my!!

Meet our new sheep Snowy! We adopted her from our friends the McNairs- the 'family' our Romney sheep are from. (I have obviously oink snorted up many right into our own flock!!) ha! Snowy was a bottle lamb raised by Molly, who is off to college soon and wanted Molly to retire with us. Tawist my arm! bwaaahahaha! Snowy is living with our little group of sheep for now- our Bobbi & Andrew (Great Pyrenees) need some time to see her and get used to her being here before she heads out with the big sheep group. She loves treats and is settling down now, I am sure many hugs are to be had!! Eureka!
The sheep are working on today's update- both their website and etsy shop... Be sure to stop in and see what they have been up to- besides Fruit Loop Margaritas!

This is a peek into my office studio- newly rearranged AND organized mind you- well, except for my desk.... This is an approximately 1940's armoire that I came up with at some point about 9 years ago? It needed some help so I got out my trusty paintbrush and got to work. This is the result- a painting of a cupboard on a cupboard? Too fun- makes me want to get painting again- on the walls!!! bwaaahahahahahaha!
Hope to see you soon! Smooches from the sheep!

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Taos Sunflower said...

She sure is pretty...and has such a sweet face. No wonder you wanted to add her to your flock.