Monday, March 16, 2009

Hiding out....

Hello again everyone, yes, we are still here, just moving slow and hiding out a bit (as you can see Sprinkles the lamb used to love that!). He has of course outgrown his 'sheepishness' and love of Jim's barn jacket.... wah! Thank you all for your sweet messages about Kelly too. Your words mean the world to me-can't even properly express how much you mean to me either.... thank you.
We have the WORST ever flu bug here and I am just journeying to the computer with enough energy to catch up email a few at a time. What a disaster but guess better now than in a few weeks at shearing time right?
SO, anyone that I promised boxes heading out today, they will be moving your way tomorrow, Wednesday at the VERY latest--and we are sorry for the delay--also appreciate your patience.
We have managed to avoid the 'bugs' all winter-but winter is apparently not done with us--bwaaahahahahaha! SO, update by Wednesday with lots of fun fiber, have fiber/roving coming back from the mill with my son later today too. Can't wait to see what is in the box-will be a big cheer me up too. I also have some pictures to share of some great projects in the works with friend fiber. I took my frustration out on fabric and silk shirts/scarves for a while this weekend so I am ready to go with new yarns-keep your fingers crossed for me ok? Pretty darn sad when you can't even sit up to spin yarn..... gaaaaaahhhhh! Let us know what is up with you ok? The turkey sheep say days off, skippity do dah day!
PS- thank you to Sayra for helping me with our blog--again!


Velvet said...

Oh Sandy! Do feel 100% better very soon! Sending some hugs your way!

Sandy & the sheep said...

thank you Velvet! this is some bug! And it bit me but good.... At least sitting up so that counts correct?! bwaaahahahahaha!