Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tennis anyone?

No really, Tennis Border Collie style! Noodle is almost 3 now and is deaf, and still very much a puppy. It takes them a little longer to settle down and 'grow up' - although I really think they never do that! Busy busy busy. Libby has reached the settle down phase-inside, not outside though- always something to do!
This is what Noodle ended up like after her game of stair tennis. She loves tennis balls and had three in her realm yesterday (not sure where she stashes her toys but she always knows). She spent the better part of an hour (while I spun yarn and enjoyed the show) lining the TB's up on the stairway, poking them through. They would bounce of course off the end tables, rocker and THEN she managed to catch it before it hit the floor? Her other new game is to whip the TB's off the stairs onto the wall at the bottom, resulting in her own game of catch. Amazing and scary how smart she is.

Things got too quiet (never a good sign here) so went looking for her and there she was, sacked out in the recliner.... Never a dull moment- but wouldn't it be fun to be so content in your own little upside down world? Even her lip was too tired to stay where it belonged! ha! Adore my Noodle dog! (aren't I easily entertained?) Chow!

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