Monday, March 09, 2009

working for the update-yeh!

Corny huh? Ugh. Working on the update as we speak so be sure to stop back! Will be done around dinner time--maybe sooner--I hope! Keeping the sheep on track these days is a bit difficult-they are convinced there is grass in them thar hills! Not yet though!
If you have any yarn, batts, finished items with our fiber or yarn, please visit the sheep at their new Ravelry group(you will need a password/account though). Thank you again Velvet for heading that up for the sheep. You can go to the sheep's groups and post pictures of your projects in action, finished items, yarn, batts and whatever crosses the field.... Also working on sheep of the week and adding update info there too. New fun so check it out! Update on the website to follow soon--toodles!

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