Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sneak a peek!

I know, not a very sneaky peak huh? tee hee! Swore on a sheep's hoof that I would not give too much away for this week's update.... :0) Have you ever over dyed/dyed a naturally colored fleece? Seems like a shame I know but look at the colors that can happen! This is a Suri Alpaca fleece from Jenny's happy flock. It started out life as a light auburn/white pinto fleece. Popped it into the dyepot with black, navy blue and oh, I forget-and wa-la, Raven's Wing Suri. It is shiny, soft and gorgeous and I am really having issues that this is not going into my stash to spin into lash yarn!!
It is coooold here again, the sheep are soaking wet thanks to our rain/ice storm this past week but because of the lanolin in their fleeces, are still nice and warm, dry under all the wool. Phew. I swear I have never seen them with such heavy fleeces and I guess they knew the kind of weather we would be having? Seems they always are a good indication. And oh my, shearing day is set around April 1? EEEEEK. SO, watch for lots of unwashed fiber as I continue parting with more stash wool-wah! Update tomorrow so please stop in again!
Cheerio, and PS- the sheep are on Ravelry--will figure out a button soon!! Show us your yarn and finished objects!!


The Hatdiva said...

I was just about to overdye some of fender's siblings fiber with hot pink! How funny...OMG! Oh, and by the way, your blog looks pretty smokin' Great job!

Sandy & the sheep said...

You go girl! Fender would be happy you are adventuring! thank you for the good words too! :0)