Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Holly just cracks me up!

This is a yarn creation spun by my friend Hollyeqq and her description for the yarn just made me laugh out LOUD! (She DOES have the sheep's spirit down pat that is for sure!)
Here is her yarn description: " If you were a sheep and it was time to celebrate, what would it be for? Did your girlfriend pass her pregnancy test? Did your shepherd leave out the feed bucket? Or did the wolf move on to higher pastures? So, the shepherd has gone to bed, it is is time to boogie and what do those sheepies do? Throw on a party dress and rock the Casba! This core spun bulky single is made up of super duper soft beautiful natural colored grey brown wool with lots AND lots of party materials. Tonight the sheep are wearing gold Glitz, rich magenta sari silk, hot pink wool, a touch of gold lame, and oh so much more. This Sheepie Prom party was sponsored by a Loop Batt!
hehehe - can’t you just see them? All sari silk on their head like hot pink hair and wool minidresses! Dancing around to “girls just wanna have fun” while you are asleep! Wonder what they slipped into the dogs water? hehehe Holly"
What a hoot! SO, maybe we need to install some night vision cameras so we can see all this fun and games ourselves? I swear they do worse than this--bonfires, firecrackers on the Fourth of July, snow angel parties, even a Super Bowl Party? They have more fun than most people do!
Sheep will be updating the site by Monday so keep an eye out! Chow!

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primdollie said...

love the new look!!! Really very nice!! hope all is good!! love the lambie pics and all!! email me am feeling neglected!!! hehehe!!
love ya Linda