Monday, February 23, 2009

Update update, hear all about it!!! ;0)

Awwww, isn't it fun to open with a baby lambie picture?? This baby is no baby now, Molly arrived as a bottle lamb several years ago--she was born during the most bitter part of January that year and her mama could not get her dry quick enough. Molly had frostbite issues when we adopted her, she did end up losing about the bottom third of her back leg.
Molly is all grown up now, and unless you see her walk, you really do not notice the leg issue. She doesn't let it stop her from much, we just have to keep her feet trimmed up more often so they stay comfy. When sheep walk funny, their feet do not wear down as they should--thus the pedicure needs. (no polish please!) Her best friend ever is Keebler, he watches over her and is never more than a foot or two away from her. Keebler arrived the same winter as Molly and he has never given up his job as Molly's protector. They live in a special pasture with a warm run in in the original section of our old dairy barn.

This is one of Molly's Cloud offerings this week--there are several so be sure to browse. She was moody with the dyes so there are brighter colors (like this one- Molly Spunk) and some that are more muted. Her Romney x fleece is soft and silky, long locks that are very easy to spin--she wants to thank you for looking through her fiber offerings! (no guilt there huh? hee hee)

This is our Fletcher sheep. He was one of 12 sheep we adopted through a 150 sheep rescue effort in Pittsburgh PA. Fletcher is a little shy (well really shy) because the sheep were not handled much at all so this has been quite a process to convince them we are 'good'. He will take an apple cookie treat but don't touch the sheepie--he likes his space!

This is Fletcher's roving, he is a Merino x with baby soft wool, long locks and this year we had a surprise, he has moved from a soft pretty ecru color, to a CINNAMON? Wow and how pretty--like opening a Christmas present I swear! :0)

This is a batch of dyed Suri Alpaca clouds-fiber donated by Jenny's flock-they suggest colors long distance.... ESP with the sheep? Nope, I hear they all have cell phones... The Suri was sent to Argyle Fiber Mill (dot com) and the girls did an excellent job of putting the fiber into clouds-- a step before roving- leaving this soft, silky fiber just beautiful and ready to dye--and dye we did when it got back home! The fiber started out natural white, fawn and auburn so the colors should be gorgeous when spun....

Oooh, and now for new yarn! I had SUCH fun spinning this past weekend--this is our new Crazy Quilt Lash yarn! I kept back a handful of every fleece I spun lash yarn from. Then I spun them all randomly together. There is a variety of wool, llama and alpaca fiber in this yarn--just think of the fun this would be in your next project??!! Yum!

And last but not least, Hollyeqq sent me my latest fiber fun--and it was a fiber wizardry package to be sure! You can catch the start of this yarn on our flickr page--and here is the finished yarn--mainly Holly's variety of wool, fabric shreds and more. When I plyed it, I used a purple thread and randomly added seed bead strings.... Eureka!

We already have some great fibers on the stove for next weekend, will shoot for Sunday update but you all know I always say that and it ends up Monday.... I am SO predictable huh? bwaaahahahaha! Better go feed the sheep-I hear lambies calling for bottles and I don't think they want to propose a toast!

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