Monday, February 16, 2009

Updates and Thank YOU ALL!!

First and most importantly--thank ALL of you for your patience, re-sending your emails and helping us to test the email response on our website! I do not know what we would do with out your help--truly! The sheep send extra hugs this week!
Lots of new yarn in this update--mainly because I was a bit behind (aka lazy) about getting pictures taken! The first two are on the Single Ply page and called Jordan Snows.... A new version of our Crazy Quilt line up.
Next is on the 2 ply page and is a collaborative yarn created by my best friend HollyEQQ (dot com) and I--her Persian colorway and my spinning-- karma all the way around!
Then our Avi's washed locks are avaialble--I have SUCH a lot of wool from her fleece last year--she is a McNair Romney we purchased last fall with her buddy Val. Their fleeces are such a cool color--very variegated from darker silver to almost a white/ghost silver, and some locks have an inch of black at the bottom and most all haver very blondie tips. Very striking and I have not seen too many fleeces like them. Her locks were a bit felted but I spent the time to separate them--each are individual, retaining the lock formation, are washed and ready for tailspinning, spinning, felting and dyeing! Have some fun--the work is already done! (pictured is yarn I spun from Avi's wool--lashes-yum!)
And we are really heavy on roving and clouds this week--hooray for Argyle Fiber Mill and Shari of Morro Fleece Works (dot com)!! I LOVE getting boxes in from both of them--it is like Christmas because in my usual fashion, I do not keep lists of what wool I send out. Too fun to get the boxes back that way! part of my silly charm? :0) Pictured below is our Culley's Border Leicester wool (dyed lilac) blended by Shari with Cotswold wool into an easy to spin pin-drafted roving.....
Next, below is the Robin's Egg Cotswold clouds, our favorite clouds prepared by Argyle Fiber Mill (dot com). I got the fiber back and dyed it up--was surprised at how pretty this blue turned out--was supposed to be a 'jade' color? See how wool just has a mind of its own???

And last but not least, grrrrowwel! Ross has a little black Shetland sheep named Toshi, who has a big Merino sheep attitude! He is a sweet sheep and spends hours romping, head butting and 'playing' king of the hill. I sent Shari some of his pretty fleece (dark black with silver threads) and she pin drafted it side by side with some of our Romney wool (a blend) that I had dyed a pumpkin orange. I see some fall/tigery yarns coming out of the part I kept for me--oink snort! Too too fun, and Toshi wants me to tell you he ain't afraid of no stinkin tiger--he can twirl them around by the tail with one hoof tied behind his back! (snicker-told you he is a dude with a tude!)

SO, be sure to look around, there are lots of new fibers and yarns, the weekend update is full speed ahead with new dyed locks and Crazy Quilt batts--remember if you need something spun/carded or dyed up special, happy to take in custom orders! Thank you again for your patience and cheers!
PS- Cheers to you Sally rescuer of donkeys! Thank you for all the kind words, and for doing what you do--we love our honkey donkey!!!


The Hatdiva said...

New stuff looks great! I am loving spinning my corriedale & am starting in on my Romney...nice!

Sandy & the sheep said...

Can't wait to see pictures of your gorgeous yarns!! The sheep