Wednesday, February 04, 2009

No email--what DO I do today???

Well, yesterday no incoming email, today not much incoming and NO outgoing email??? Really screws with my schedule--wah! SO, my cutie pie niece Macie says 'put 'em up' TDS! Think she can fix this mess?
Please bear with us, working on the issue and kicking TDS' hiney to get this fixed! Will answer EVERY email asap! Thank you for your patience everyone (something I am very short on obviously....)!!

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primdollie said...

well and here I thought you were just ignoring me!! hehehe!! hope they fix it soon and hear from you when you can!! I love the pics of Moose and Sprinkles and the rest of the clan!! how fun!! very rough day today so off to rest more to you soon!! love ya Linda