Saturday, February 21, 2009

my trip to mom's....

No work for me yesterday- well after chores and errands anyway! Went to soak up some time with my mom (while dad's away, the girls will play you know!). I finally remembered to take my camera, and did I take fun pictures of my MOM? No, so sorry mom-- an old house that has been abandoned for years. Every time I drive by it I think, better get a picture before it is gone. Makes me sad to see the old houses neglected, forgotten, then gone. There is such history--makes me wonder (and want to research) the house's story--who lived there, who built you, why did they leave you like this?
I have peeked into the windows, the floors are not safe or I would have been visiting every room. The woodwork is all intact and it looks like a very long time ago, everyone just left. Very old toys (pre-antenna days) and just lots of momentos. I am a nosey bugger aren't I? I love history and digging up all about where we live--still working on the history of this house but have volumes about our first farm (boohoo still miss you house) -our house there was built in 1848--started out as a dug out. But that is another story, another time.
Now you know I have not only a serious fiber/sheep addiction, but a weird sense of history too.... bwaahahahhahaha! Trying to get photos done for an update tomorrow so keep an eye out, and guess what- changes coming to the blog (duh) so will be fine tuning that too.
Thanks to a sheepy friend Velvet, you can now find the sheep's own group on Ravelry too so look them up--lots of places for your fiber, yarn and FO from their fiber--tell us what you have been up to!! (gotta go, the sheep are ready to move in with the neighbors--they want FOOD!)

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AtomicBlue said...

Hey that house. Classic farmstyle. It drives me nuts that so many just walk away from them here. Two houses alone were bulldozed in our town recently. Neglect. There's a house like catty corner to ours. We contacted the owner with hopes we could buy it (houses are cheap here). He's an old codger that swears he promised another neighbor the house. The other guy doesn't have any $$. So there it sits. This winter alone, wrap porch collapsed. It's a classic Victorian farmhouse too. White with gingerbread.

Here in Idaho there's many houses like that. People plunk a doublewide next to them and let the beautiful old structures rot into the ground. If it were up to me I'd establish some sort of rural roots preservation society.
There's a neat pool on Flickr that has pictures of similar old houses.