Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday update--Giddy UP!

Lots of goodies on this update! Be sure to browse! Crazy Quilt Batts from Baab & Happy..

Baahama Laamba! hee hee!

Our son's sheep Aina has a beautiful honey/silver fleece all washed up for you!

Look at those pretty locks!

Soft and dreamy E.Fresian x wool blended into clouds with Alpaca fiber from Jenny's happy flock---- yum!
Rudy says be sure to check out the dyed wool for his latest offerings AND his unwashed fleece too!
We got a little tired (in sheep talk that means distracted) so are adding lots of handspun yarn tomorrow and Saturday--keep an eye out because any dry fiber will be added in too--plenty brewing around here! bwaaahahahahaha!
**Happy Birthday to Abraham L.- my hero!***
'I am bound to live by the light that I have' (A.Lincoln)

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