Monday, February 16, 2009

Ok, need some test emails!

This has not been a fun weekend and we don't like those around here! Makes for crabby yarn bobbins too! ha! (above created by my friend James). If you have a minute and could do us a favor, your sheep friends would really appreciate it! Could you go to the website and send an email from anywhere you see the lamb (email your order to the sheep) or our email spelled out? All we need is to know what page you sent it from too. It would truly help us test out the site and know for sure we have it re-set. aarrrgggh. The sheep are pulling their hair out and that is NOT good--specially this close to shearing time! eek!
I held up the update this weekend, am working on it today, seemed pretty pointless to get it all on there and chance losing it, OR people not being able to order. OH, we also need to know if you are receiving your email to us bounced back to you unanswered.... HEELLLLLP!!
Thank you for all your patience, we could use some of that too--not one of my best 'charms'!


Shirley said...

Emails and blog working just fine. I am receiving your emails in Salmon Arm British Columbia, Canada. I love your blog. Thank You, a fellow rescuer only we resuce donkeys. cheers Shirley

Sandy & the sheep said...

Hi Shirley! Hope the donkeys are ejoying winter? How is your winter? Ours is pretty right now--pretty fluffy snow, but dreading the wind--drifts here we come! San

PS- Honkey Donkey (Casper) says 'hay'!