Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back to 'work'! yey!

Ok, life has been a bit 'upside down' thanks to a nasty flu bug, but Moose is NOT upside down in the traditional sense of the word! This is what my office shadow has been doing while I sat in the recliner being mad that I could not get out of it! He has his very own cushy bed in his 'man cave' under an old sewing cabinet (minus the machine) that holds my two cockatiels-my office entertainment! (Moose does not appreciate intrusions to his cave so don't reach in-not even ME! Turkey. Moose is always in his bed or under my feet/desk when I am here spinning-but what a silly guy! The angle of this picture DOES describe my life the past week! Silly old dog!
I DID finally have the energy to pick up my knitting needles the past few recliner days to finish up hats that will be heading for a soldier unit in Iraq. A friend of the Homestead put out a message that the unit had suffered some losses right in a row and needed some cheer me ups from home-they requested hats for living quarter use-thus the red. NOT for wearing outside! Most are my handspun and the red is purchased wool yarn. (CAN you believe I had to BUY yarn? Was afraid my red dye jobs would get wet and turn them all into red heads permanently!) I did not know before this project why the soldiers can only wear wool over there-feel sort of dopey but never thought about fibers being able to burn on someone. Eek and yikes. I am so grateful for all they are doing there, and wish they were not making such huge sacrifices, being away from home, family and the risks they face daily. We have not forgotten them and wish them all safe home--SOON.

And THIS is what happens when the mill gets ahead of me. Don't know whether to hide from it (this is only half the 40 pounds of roving/clouds from Argyle, couldn't fit it all in a picture...) or jump in! Holy mackerel Bat Man!

Been dyeing wool right along with Jim & Ross' help- they carried the dyepots to the studio-can't wait to get a stove down there and get the dyes and such OUT of the kitchen! Next on the studio want list...
SO, update most likely tomorrow, have LOTS of pictures to take and some new fiber almost dry too--the sheep want it ALL 'out there' so must listen to them I think- they have had a few days off, and they are sassy now. They see the barely green starts of grass in the big pasture, and they want out! Not time yet though, need almost knee high grass first- the sheep are going to make me crazy til then. Shearing about the 1st (aren't WE April fools? ha!) so we are sort of scrambling (as usual) to get the barn and sheep ready for when David the wonder shearer comes to visit. Keep an eye out, things are moving full speed ahead into spring! Promise! Cheerio!

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