Monday, March 02, 2009

Update and times a changin'!

Hello all! Today's update just wore me out, or should I say over seeing the sheep did? Silly peanuts! Hope you all like the new blog look, a big thank you to a friend (who I can refer you to if you want her name!) for taking on all the hard work--for this non-techno person I happen to be! SO, not a lot of words but lots of pictures:
Above: Claret Suri Alpaca
Above: Spring Princess (Our Mari's Merino x)

(above) Our Culley's Border Leicester lashes

(above) Crazy Hearts Crazy Quilt batts!
Be sure to have a good look around, lots more new on the site to find! We will also be updating agian on Wednesday so keep that in mind-- we have a special fiber offering from our wonderful neighbors and their happy little flock of sheep!! Thank you for stopping by!


AhimsaFibers said...

LOVE the new look!

Sandy & the sheep said...

thank you! Have to skip over and see what you have been up to also--been a bit behind on my fun!! San