Monday, March 09, 2009

Update ready & waiting!

Wow, this was a long computer day and not quite done yet! Have the update done and the sheep have already abandoned me-probably for Margaritas--I hear that is the party drink of choice? They never share though believe me!
We have a LOT of new roving on the site, we got fiber back from both Argyle Fiber Mill AND Morro Fleece Works, and we will have more dyed fiber coming out on the next update. Remember, if you are looking for specific fleeces, or colors, happy to get you situated with some gorgeous wool or yarn!!

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EverImprovingMe said...

my momma is giving me all of her raw wool when she shears this spring. its going to be the first time i will have ever done this sort of thing. usually she just uses it for bedding. she thought i was a bit silly for wanting to take it and spin it. any guidance on what to do with it once its sheared?