Friday, March 27, 2009

Fleece reservations!

The title 'fleece reservations' make me giggle- kind of sounds like you are planning a sheepy vacation- hee hee! We are shearing sheep on Sunday March 29 and are ready to take reservations for your favorite fleeces. If you are not sure of the sheep we have available, just take a trip through our meet the sheep pages to see pictures & read their stories. Here's the sheep's general fleece info:
Fleeces are set aside first email, first served. We will answer all emails and let you know where you are on the list for that sheep, or that the fleece is yours....
I am the only 'fiber diva' here so it will take me some time to get the fleeces sorted out- and that could be weeks so please know it will not be an immediate purchase!
I never sell an entire fleece (oink snort) so half is usually the 'norm' here. AND, I will only sell the best part of the fleeces, no stinker fleeces leave here - sheepy's number one rule-thus the need for time to sort sort sort.
Prices will range from $8 to $15 per pound, depending on the sheep type and how clean they decided to keep their wool.
I am happy to wash fleeces, so when you email, please indicate washed/unwashed. Also, if you only want a certain amount (say a pound) please indicate that also, then I can reserve remaining fleece for the next person on that sheep's list.
I will email you when I get the fleece sorted and ready to head out- if things change for you in the mean time, it is never a problem. Just let me know and I can always offer the wool to the next person- the sheep know all about life changes--specially in the current world. :0)
If you have any questions, please be sure to email- we look forward to sharing the sheep with you all!! Happy weekend, keep your fingers crossed for little or (drum roll) NO SNOW tomorrow! The sheep do NOT like to be locked in the barn for long--they tend to plan rebellions!--and somehow manage to carry them out-eek! More soon!


faun said...

yay! sheepy shotgun... cant wait to see whats available ;)

Sandy & the sheep said...

Lots and lots! Trying to control my tendency to oink snort it all for my greedy self! tee hee!