Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Update-yeeha!

Hi all! Hope you are all enjoying some sunshine today- and could you please have the rain blow past us??? Way too saturated out here in farm land- no place for water to go! We have a great update today, the sheep have been very very busy....
We are planning to keep Corriedale roving (wool from our David the wonder shearer's flock) on the site all the time, it is soft soft, a little bouncy, a little shine, and is a great, easy spin, little to no debris- and dyes up great too! Super soft yarn here you go!
This is Embers Corriedale, dyed David wool....

Cozy Cabin Roving- a blend of our Louis' Rambouillet and a dark brown Merino x fleece we purchased from a neighbor.

And a brand NEW offering- a variety of our sheep's samplers! Different colors but the wool in the mix is just that- a sampler from a lot of our sheep. It will be an adventure in fiber that includes all very clean (little to NO debris) soft fiber from our Merino, Merino crosses, Romney, Cotswold, Lincoln cross, Romney cross, Rambouillet sheep and mucho mucho more! The sheep had fun putting this group of fiber together- a little of this, a little of that and you can try lots of different wool- all in a surprise gathering!
We will be updating the site again tomorrow with new handspun yarn so be sure to stop back in! Been working on updating the entire site so have some new ideas in mind too- giddyup!

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