Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bumps in the road and spinner's block....

Hope you all have a pretty sunny day to enjoy! The sheep are snoozing in the pastures, up on the hills to catch the sun (which makes it warm for them in this 50 degree weather) AND a nice breeze to cool them off! Oh the life!
We have had a few goofy days around here the past few weeks and I have had a major case of 'spinner's block. Well, got this wonderful surprise fiber hug in the mail last night! Wowser! Gorgeously dyed Teeswater and Wensleydale locks--from my friend Linda in Ohio! Linda has a great shop and you can get there here. She is such a talented fiber wizard AND yarn spinner! Be sure to browse her shop! My next stop after computer time is going to be some Linda Lash yarn! spinner block el gonno! yey and thanks again Linda!
We have some new new fiber to offer on this next update (Sun/Mon) from our neighbor's special flock of sheep! The Callaways are one of the biggest parts of why we survived our basement caving in --they brought tanks of water for the sheep, fed us, she patted my shoulder when I could not stop crying, and the hot showers were the best. We owe them BIG!

ANYhoo, Linda and her kidlets (6 ranging in age from highschool to gradeschool) all got to work, washed the wool and took it to our friends at Argyle Fiber Mill.

When they got the center pull bumps back, they spent some fun time dyeing up some great colors! Their sheep happily scamper about on acres of pasture and are very loved by the Callaways. The sheep are a varied group, Tunis x, Suffolk and even some Icelandic sheep. The bumps are all made up of a combination of their fiber--soft, bouncy and dyed in bumps--a spinning adventure! Be sure to stop in on Sunday or Monday for our new update and catch all the Callaway colors--and the sheep's latest creations! Toodles!

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