Monday, April 06, 2009

Naked Sheep and Where the *** is Spring???

OK, OK, most of you have heard enough of my whining about our down right COLD freakin weather since shearing day- but the naked sheep are actually using naughty words now! Eek! I had to edit this post heavily-they are not happy campers. They HATE being locked inside but I tell them it is too bad for them that someone loves them enough to do so. Right? When they DO get out to stretch their legs (when we put their feed inside-otherwise it is like a football team gone mad-and you in the middle of the tackle) they just stand outside the door fussing-or running around like goofy sheep to stay warm. Then they come in and give me the evil eye for locking the door behind them. Big circle. AND, why am I the one playing the guilt card on myself??? Guess if you know me, that is part of my 'charm' (?) and one of the things I do best! Tee hee! Poor poor sheepies....
I am finally back to work, last week was a slooow moving Sandy after the marathon of shearing. David the wonder shearer did a fantastic job, and I was happy to see that our sheep actually cooperated with the clean fleece mandate- or at least most of them. We did have a few stinkers that are on my list to go over the rules with every year though.
I am sorting fleeces all day today and taking pictures for our update, which will be tomorrow- gonna be a big one with lots of goodies. Those of you with fleeces reserved will be hearing from me soon so we can make arrrangements- will take some time to get to all of you, only the best fleeces for our friends. Also, we still have plenty of wool to go around, email the sheep if you want to add your name to the reservations! Chow!

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Taos Sunflower said...

I hear you. I didn't even get sheared and I'm sick of the cold.