Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

This is a picture of our little Cosmo- when eh was a baby- always a sass when the camera is on that is for sure! (there is a surgical staple under his right eye- he was born with an eyelid that rolled in, with out the correction he would have gone blind) Thought it was a pretty cute picture of the day.... Hope you all had a fun weekend, full of family, good food and of course- fiber!
We are working from our old computer- be careful on the Internet! Our new computer crashed yesterday and is at Geek Squad so they can retrieve ALL our files. Ugh. At least we have this one to work on- but it is all hand writing- look out for your receipts! Might want to save your emails because I can't even get the printer to work. Never ends.
I hope scammers/hackers can find a better way to channel their innate ability/happiness about creating havoc and making others miserable--SOOON. What the ****? Sad that there is no other way to use what could be a talent.... maybe in computer security???
Anyhoo, hope all is well, our update will most likely be on Wednesday again so keep an eye out and look forward to hearing from you when you have time. Check out our links here too, the sheep love Twitter, Flickr and Ravelry -and would enjoy seeing you there! Toodles Peeps!

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