Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Contest results!

You are all so fun- the sheep have called the contest finito! You are all also very very good at naming sheep- even naked ones! ;0)
Here are the names of the naked sheep:
1)Pipi; 2) Steeler; 3) Gilmore; 4) Athena; 5) Aina and the bonus sheep was Frosty!
Our first prize winner is Faun D- and her sheepy present will be on its way this week. The sheep are emailing each of the participants today- so be sure to check your email later on!
As you can see, the sheep were probably scheming up this contest before shearing- don't they look all secret-y here? Stinkers! I know they enjoyed this contest so much that I am hearing rumblings of another one in the works soon-- be sure to keep an eye out! look forward to hearing from you- oh, also have our crashed/fixed computer home today- and wa-la, can receive email and not send? grrrrr. SO, keep emailing us if you need to, I can answer them and get them sent out as soon as Jim gets back home- he is my techno hero! ;0) Thank you again everyone and hope you had fun!!!!

1 comment:

HollyEQQ said...

And here I thought I had a busy day!!!!

Silly sheepies! They were getting hungry for the good stuff. You can't hardly blame them!

And hilarious that they go back through the hole they snuck out of! silly sheep. Don't they know the rules? Pretend innocence until proven guilty!

I wonder who the ring leader was - was it Dalai being the bad lhama or was it one of the sheepies? Or the dogs? You can just hear them now:

Bahhhhhd sheep: "come on - the grass is so green and young over here - that there is good eats! Follow me through this hole in the fence!"
Good Sheep: "NO way jose. Mama Sandy does not like us to go out of our field unless she is there to watch us. She is trying to let that field grow for some reason. We should DEFINITELY stay here"

*good sheep are trampled by 70 others heading through hole*

Baaahhhhhd sheep " Come on boys - there is grass up there!"

Good sheep "Can somebody help us up? Seems like being a good sheep is just not appreciated in this crowd. At least they didn't steal the gator this time!"