Sunday, April 19, 2009

Who's That NAKED sheep???

It's contest time sheeples! This first picture is not part of the contest though- everyone wanted in on the act- including Sonny's giant nose! He is a smooch-but this was not a 'proper' photo for the contest- I promised he could be the surprised looking sheep at the top of the page! tee hee!
Here's the name of this game:
Name the Naked Sheep Contest
(wasn't there a song that went something like 'who's that sheep?' Or was it girl?)
*contest starts now :0)
*there are 5 different sheep pictured below -the first person to correctly name all five is the winner- and wins a surPRIZE from the sheep.
*The next 4 people that correctly name the 5 sheep will receive 10% off their next sheepy order!
*All contest emails must be sent to the sheep at the farm address: ryan3 (at) tds (dot) NET (sorry for being unable to print our own email! eek!)
*please let the sheep know if you knit/crochet or spin

Contest ends as soon as we have the 5 winners or Saturday April 25, whichever gets here first. The sheep will keep you up to date here on the blog. ALSO, if that were not enough (sounds like the sham wow guy huh?), the sheep are adding a picture to Flickr and Ravelry (there are links to the sheep's pages/groups on the side of the blog) that will be 'bonus' guesses- don't have to get them right but if you DO get them, would mean some extra surPRIZE fun! they won't be easy- be sure to take a look!
Remember to take a look at the website- we had a really fun update this weekend! On your mark, get set, GO!


primdollie said...

Oh my goodness they are SOOOOOOO VERY Nekkid poor little dears!! can I make names up!! oh guess not ok! will have to try but am so baaaaaad at names!
love ya Linda

Mariposa Farm Alpacas said...

I tried to send my results and the email bounced back. Could you double check the email addy? Thanks

HollyEQQ said...

Sheep are hilarious!!!!

And man those are some well fed sheep! No skinny minnies around your ranch! Lazy Ass likes him some fluffy girls. He may leave me after all!
*runs off to figure out who is who*

Sandy & the sheep said...

The sheep are actually enjoying nakedness now that Spring seems to be here-and their fleece grows the first inch or so pretty quickly after shearing time too. And of course Holly, we have a no skinny rule here- strictly enforced! ;0)