Friday, April 17, 2009

Hello Sheeple!

Yahoo and giddy up! The sheep are done a little early with tonight's update! Bet they are a drinking some strawberry daquiris-and once again, no invite for me-boohoo. Lots of pretties on the site today, be sure to browse about- the fleece shown above is from our Cosmo sheep....
Roving is a Homestead Gathering of sorts- several sheep got carried away on fiber to the mill day- what a happy blend, and their colorway choice is a great one for spring.

Even had time to get a few batts on the site- go Crazy Quilt for your next project!
And as promised, the sheep will be launching their 'Name the Naked Sheep' contest Sunday afternoon. Don't miss out- they have lots of fun planned and great surPRIZES too! bwaaahahahahaha!
Cheerio! (but the sheep prefer Fruit Loops...)


faun said...

eeep! yay - cant wait :) cosmos wool looks beautiful!

primdollie said...

oh and watching for that nekkid sheepie contest those little stinkers! and tell them Auntie L wants Margaritas too but had to make do with wine!! love ya! Linda

HollyEQQ said...

BTW - whatever that first fleece is on the top of this entry - I WANT IT.
And all the rambo you have been hoarding. Oh yes - I got your number lady.

Sandy & the sheep said...

thank you everyone! I have your number too Holly! ;0)