Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Update & fun pictures!

Hello everyone! Hope your week is off to a great start-even if it IS Monday! ha! Here is a picture of a day in the life of a Ryan sheep- and Andrew the Great Pyrenees who has to 'put up with' his sheep! That is Sunshine the black Shetland on top of the bale, not long after I snapped this picture, her twin Mario joined her- and then a huge game of king of the bale followed! Andy can't believe his eyes! ;0)
This is another pair of sheep that made a great picture perfect! On left (white sheep) is Devlyn, Jim's Scottish Black Face Sheep- on right is Angus, my little Shetland buddy. They are very good friends- and right after this picture, Devlyn gave Angus a head butt to the hinder, and they ran off to play tag..... No rest for the silly right? Is that how the saying goes???
The sheep just finished updating the website too- lots of delicious roving, clouds, locks and more- be sure to stop by!
Above picture is 'Sultry Garden' created by our Rudy sheep (with carding help from Shari of Morro Fleece Works)
Pinks and purples are a wonderful pair for a Sock Hop! Soft and slinky Huacaya Alpaca fiber from our friend Jen's happy Alpacas- washed/dyed by the sheeps.

And last but not least, our Cosmo's locks- two colorways, this is Mystery Cove!
We have a lot more fiber on the way for the site, and the sheep are making progress on the fleece reservation list too- yey sheep! Hope your week goes well and look forward to hearing from you when you have time! Cheerio!


bricolagable said...

talk about busy! you folks have your hands full and with wonderful resultsi will! i've got 2 be-ewe-tiful bobbins of singles spun up from your sweet sheepies and will send photos once they are plied and given a bath- this has been my first foray into spinning with roving rather than top and i am so glad i started with your woolies- i looove it! thanks so much

Sandy & the sheep said...

thank you for all the kind words! The sheep are happy to be part of your projects and we look forward to pictures!! You can post them on their Ravelry group too! Cheerio and thank YOU! San