Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Where have those sheep BEEN??

Well let's see, the naughties have made a few get aways into the hayfield full of new grass- shame shame! They do NOT want to eat hay-even though they have plenty! Keep telling them, little bit longer and they can go out on the pasture. I will be SO glad- they are just tyrants right now!
Welcome our new addition to the family- Marney (we think she is a Jacob/E.Fresian cross) who came from Jenny's happy flock of llamas/alpacas. Jen saved her last fall from a sad fate- got her healthy and this spring Marney had a lamb- but it did not make it. Marney was so sad that Jen wanted to have her here so she was with other sheep-and our bottle lamb Wyatt.
And this is the ever elusive Lucy, our only Targhee girl. She is one of our shy sheep, and she lives in Keebler's little group of special needs sheep. She has a lopsided tummy, she was bred way too young (before she was 1) and when she lambed, her tummy ligaments snapped. She is a happy girl, and you really would not notice her tummy- and really, who cares!
Lucy has taken quite a liking to Marney, it is so sweet to see them take a new sheep, scared and frightened of a new place, under their wing to get them used to the routine- and not being so scared. It is a big deal to a sheep to be out of a routine-maybe that is why I like them so much? Although, I really do not have a lot of 'routine', at least none that I stick to. Just never know what a day brings here!

The sheep are working on an update- hoping for tomorrow but most likely Friday. Our surprise (and not in a good way) barn construction project is done, so now we are spending evenings and this weekend getting the alpaca/llama pens set up. Will be nice for them and allow us to keep fans going for them in the summer months. Yey!

Hope you are all enjoying your week and will chat more soon! Look forward to hearing from you when you have time!!


JoAnne Gerwe said...

i want to smush a sheep!

XOXO, JoAnne

Sandy & the sheep said...

and they love smushes! And you too! Good to hear you up and around the net again! ;0) Your evil twin