Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun updates today!

Hello all! Hope your weather is treating you nicely-finally! It is warming up here for the most part, just have one more Angora Goatie (Odey) to get sheared tonight, then comb the Pygoras and wa-la, shearing done til llama shearing day on the 21st.... yay!!
The sheep added new batts to the CrazyQuiltHomestead shop, will be adding some snazzy yarn tomorrow too.
We are intruducing our new 'Elfin Batts' this week on the website! They are sections of large batts the Callaways had carded from their happy sheep's wool. I seperated some sections and had some fun with the dyepots! Too fun! I love my neighbors! Their oldest son is graduating from high school? Where DOES the time go???
And this is one of my favorite fibers in the world! It is Scottish Black Face wool. This is a very traditional, popular European sheep, our friends Graham & Margaret raise them- this is wool from their happy sheep. (we also have our Devlyn sheep who we purchased from their flock-yey!) Anyhoo, the wool is a medium feel, and we take it to Argyle Fiber Mill to have the wool we wash here run through their de-hairing machine to remove most guard hair. This leaves it in the poofy fun to spin/felt clouds. When this batch got home, the sheep dyed it some pretty colors- if you have not tried this wool, you really should. The yarn (or blends) spun from this fiber is durable, strong, felts easily and in my opinion, works into a project just like Linen yarn. Use a little pinch for texture in your batts? Card with a softer fiber? Just let your creative fiberista out of the box and have some fun!!!!
Our next update will be this weekend so keep an eye out- probably on Sunday. Hope you all have a great week and please email us if you have questions or need ANYthing!! Toodles!


MollyBeees said...

OMGosh! I so totally want to lick the wool in that last picture. It looks like cotton candy. GORGEOUS!

Sandy & the sheep said...

Thank you for your kind words! Although might have to heimlich you (tee hee) for wool overload! ha! Thank you again and hope you have a great weekend! smooches from the sheeps