Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Up to my ears in wool!

Hello everyone! Hope you enjoyed your weekend and had some fun- or rest- whichever was best suited to a long weekend! This is one of Dennis' rug hookings that I love- we have so many sunflowers here, but we don't let the sheep eat them! The birds & chickens get to eat those!
We will be updating the site and etsy shop late tomorrow- I have been working non-stop in the 'fiber palace' downstairs all weekend and I am chooched. Sleepy eyed shepherdess' make big mistakes so getting at the wool/website update early in the morning. You KNOW now that those sheep can eat grass, instead of hay, they are permanently 'out to lunch'. ;0) They will be back to work with me tomorrow too- even if they fuss. They know what a pushover I am for a pouty sheep face!
We have lots of new wool here and I will be featuring each this week- lots of blogging coming your way. We will also be picking up coated Coopworth Saturday- we adore the young man that owns this flock- and he adores his sheep. If all works out, we will be offering the Coopworth wool year round- giddyup!! (his prices are very reasonable too, despite my encouragement to charge more.... ).
Hope all is well, and please stop back again, lots more fun on the way!! Cheerio (and Fruit Loops from the sheep) tee hee!

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