Tuesday, June 02, 2009

what a week of posts huh? eeps!

Weeelll, sorry for the week of not many posts! Had such high hopes! Shearing season is winding down and lots of great fleeces will be showing up on the site-including our own pretties! Lots to chat about so here goes- bwaaahahahahaha!
Kendra's beautiful Romney wool has arrived! The fleeces are outstanding- her flock started out as McNair sheep so the quality is wonderful- not your every day Romney! They have much softer fleeces than typical Romney fleeces. Kendra's flock features a variety of shades and colors! Be sure to have a look!

Beautiful prime Suri Alpaca blanket fiber from Jen's flock! We will be offering much more of her fiber asap- and look for her millspun yarn (spun at Argyle fiber mill in town) AND our combined blends of roving/clouds!
Cold Valley Jacob fleeces are in from Carl & Becky's flock! Beautiful shades of rare lilac in most every fleece. Soft, very free of debris and the crimp/locks are so cute! Be sure to check them out-you won't be sorry! Definitely NOT your typical Jacob fleeces and they do not hang around here long......

And the wool we have been waiting for- Jacob's Coopworth wool! He is a youngster with a happy flock that lives on the family farm in north central WI. The sheep are coated/jacketed about 6 months of the year- when they start feeding hay in the fall, the jackets go on! Wheeee! The locks are averaging from 4 to 8 inches of soft, shiny wool that will be SO easy to spin as is, blend, dye or? Yee ha! The price is right too- $10 per pound. The fleeces are well skirted/sorted so the wool is only the section that was under the coat.... ;0)
I will be updating the flock guide on our site today so be sure to stop in and read up about our happy, animal friendly flocks we are so lucky to help support! Hope your week is off to a great start! More very soon!! Cheerio- er Fruit Loops!