Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rrrrrroad Trip!!

We snuck away Saturday and wait for it....... remembered the CAMERA!!!! Road trip was on to Graham & Margaret's farm for the day. Giddyup!

What do you think? Was Bobbi (our Great Pyr) telling Speedy, hey, it's ok, I'm here for you.... OR was she saying ssshhhhhhh- it's paaaarty time! (I am thinking party- complete with margaritas and little umbrellas--maybe even a pool boy-um sheep?)

If this tree is not the epitome of determination, I am not sure what is! It is growing right up out of the old abandoned farm silo right outside of Argyle- the little town that is about 10 miles from us. Argyle is also home to our friends at

Holy Batman was that the bat signal??? Nope, the sheep signal that says don't come home yet sheeples! Made it to Graham & Margaret's....

You again? said the sheep

REALLY?? Geesalou-can't get rid of those two people!

Don't care, too tired to get up- been there seen them....

This tree is also determined, the wagon wheel has been there for a looooong time- grown right into the tree base. What a cool greeting at the end of the driveway-over the hills and through the little dale..... ;0)

We went up to try and help figure out their new computer- having some issues that we were unfortunately, not very successful with. But we sure had fun trying- and spending extra time (besides shearing day) with Graham & Margaret is always a treat. While the fellows worked on the computer, Margaret and I strolled in the sheep pastures, chatted on the porch of their victorian farm house/bed and breakfast, and enjoyed the birds in her gardens (which look like parks by the way). The day flew by and before we knew it, time to head home before our little natives got restless.... Bobbi is pretty lenient with the sheep, as long as they let her go to the party- not always a great thing! (for us grown ups anyway!) hee hee

One last look and off to home we went..... Isn't it just heaven on earth at Graham & Margaret's? We adore them!


Velvet said...

What a refreshing road trip! Wish I could do the same someday soon! I miss the view of greenscapes and sheepscapes!

Sandy & the sheep said...

Thank you Velvet! I am SO glad we remembered the camera. Every time I go visit sheepy friends, I forget.... urgh. The sheep say come on down!!! :0)

Taos Sunflower said...

Sounds like such a good day...thanks for sharing all the pics.

JoAnne Gerwe said...

wow, that is just beautiful and the sheep look so fluffy and happy! beautiful creatures.

boy we sure are feeling jammed up here in the village in our little cape cod home! eager for green space, and more air to breathe.

long live the farms!

oh, i'm having a fiber craving. Lucille and Melinda, my wheels, say "feed me"!

XOXO, JoAnne

Sandy & the sheep said...

Hi Martie & JoAnne! It was definitely a great day- one we should make time for many more!! Life sure does dictate a schedule it seems.... Hope you are both happily spinning- what's on the wheels these days??? Smooches!