Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Friends of the sheep!

Haaaapy Tuesday everyone! (hee hee) Nope, not sheepish at all about my silly sheep-isms either! ;0) Been trying to get everyone introduced to our sheep's friends- today is Mary & Joseph's turn! (and yes, those are the correct names- cute huh??)
Today I have some wonderful pictures of Mary & Joseph's Angora goats, and one of the two llamas that protect this lovely flock. These are some s p o i l e d goaties! We purchase their fleeces spring and fall- so keep an eye out!

Mary has a few white Angora goats, but most of the flock is a range of colors that is like a spinner's rainbow dream!

This is a new rescue to Mary & Joseph's place, his name is Phoenix. He came from a not so great place and is working on figuring out his new job protecting the goats. He is eating corn from Joseph's hands so that is a great sign! There is one other little mini llama named Casper (he is a creamy white color) that also helps around the farm- MARY, send me a picture!!!! tee hee!

Mary & Joseph are friends from way back and have been through almost everything with us- good and bad. I adore them and am so blessed to call them friends.....

Have the update done for this week so be sure to browse the website and the sheep's etsy shop! More blogging to be done tomorrow- we went on a road trip Saturday to Graham & Margarets! Yeeha! Hope you are all enjoying your day-smooches from the sheep!

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