Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Update, mm mm update!

I am running out of words- yes yes, I can hear the gasps of disbelief from here! ;0) Pictures and a web update for today! Pictured above is Olive's Romney wool from Kendra's pretty flock....
Suri Alpaca fiber blended with our clan's Romney wool, carded into a very pretty roving- called Grandma's Lilacs..... (pictured above)
Our Lucy's Targhee wool (pictured above) Gardenias!

Our Holly's Merino x wool- unwashed.....

AAAAAND, coated Coopworth wool from our new friend Jacob's animal friendly flock! We also have black/silver Coopworth on the site- this is special coated wool so incredibly clean and free of debris- and his price is incredible too- $10 per pound (unwashed).... Yeeha!
Hope you are all having a wonderful week and look forward to hearing from you when you can! Smooches from the sheep!!


EverImprovingMe said...

I got my wool from yall and it is soooo lovely and beautiful!! Thank you so very much for the sample of the llama wool. That just really meant so much to me. You guys really care about people and it shows! My husband was even surprised by that one. See I know there are really excellent people in this world and I happen to know a whole farm of them!

Sandy & the sheep said...

Wow! thank you for such wonderful words- I will be sure to pass them on to the sheep! They might even do cartwheels! tee hee- now THAT is a picture!

I am not sure we are 'excellent' but I do try to share what I have here- we have so much and love to share- you are all special to us too so sending the wonderful words right back atcha! :0)