Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wool Flurries? Er Storms??? ;0)

Holy fleeces Bat Man!! We are catching up with our friend's little flocks and boy will we have wool for you!!!!
Today we got to visit with our friends Kendra & Paul (and their cutie pie kidlets)- while they dropped off their Romney fleeces! Kendra's flock is from the famous McNair Romney flock- the fleeces from Kendra's sheep are georgeous! Next to the skin soft, long locks, and beautiful range of colors! I have not had a chance to sort through any yet (picture above is a fleece from last year) so keep your eyes peeled- hope to have a few ready for this week's update- late Monday.
AND, we also have the Cold Valley Jacob fleeces coming in tomorrow! Giddyup! Most of you are probably already familiar with these gorgeous fleeces- many even the rare lilac color! Soft, VERY free of debris and well, just gorgeous! Look for them to show up on our update next weekend.....

This week will be absolutely off the map for us so please bear with us! We will be helping Graham & Margaret on their shearing day on Tuesday- another wonderful visit with some of our favorite people- AND David the wonder shearer!
We also shear our own llamas and alpacas on Thursday. Whew, we are gonna be tired but what fun- fiber fleeces everywhere!!!
We are also picking up a new flock this year- a very happy group of Coopworth sheep from Northern WI. They are owned by a dedicated young man who loves his sheep- and oh shucks, needed somewhere to market his wool???? ;0) Twist my arm! The wool has been jacketed/coated and his price is truly reasonable- you won't be disappointed! More on that as we have more info- I think we will have the wool in my clutches by the end of May. And that is not too far away- eek! Happy Sunday night everyone, hope all is well and look forward to hearing from you as you have time!

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