Friday, May 15, 2009

Turkeys in the compound!

Right before bedtime last night, a sweet mama turkey came strolling through the yard, and hopped through the goat fence. I thought sure Chaquita would chase her out and was on my way out the door to be sure mama turkey got away safely. Chaquita llama is VERY protective of her g0at babies! She allows no funny business! She even decides when it is bedtime for her family (5 goats, 1 sheep) by chasing them into the little house, then sleeping right in the doorway so nobody can get past her and be naughty. She runs a tight ship! However, must have been because Ross was feeding hay, she totally did not even SEE that turkey! Silly old girl!
We adopted Chaquita from a friend a few years ago- she was not being so nice to her llama friend OR people friends. Spitting was her favorite way to show her displeasure in life! And her aim was pretty good too. She needed a job so we gave her our little goat family to watch over. The only time she spits (aka drools) now is when she is done being sheared. Enough is enough you know?! We adore her!
Here are two new yarns heading for the Etsy shop later on- the Romney and Romney x sheep all got together and had Argyle Fiber Mill spin their fiber into a 2ply, soft soft yarn! All animal friendly, just a new addition to our yarn selections. I dyed this up when it came back home- stuck on green I think I am!

Hope all is well and look forward to hearing from you- update planned for Sunday, Cold Valley Jacob fleeces come in Monday, Kendra's Romney soon, shearing at Graham & Margaret's Tuesday and shearing our llamas/alpacas Thursday.... talk about a whirlwind week-whew!


JoAnne Gerwe said...

San, those colors are HOT HOT HOT! i love 'em! and i LOVE prom gown on your etsy site, yum! (you know i have a "pink problem".)

TGIF and happy fiber weekend my dear twin!

Sandy & the sheep said...

Hey missy! Thank you for the compliments! I love those colors too- how goes your etsy shop? Hope it goes well, the sheep and I drool over there quite often! Hugs to you from your evil twin!

JoAnne Gerwe said...

Hey San, i think the etsy shop is ok, i feel like i put nice stuff on there (duh, wool from the sheepies is part of it!), and i'm trying to "get noticed. we'll see, but it's alot of fun and nice to meet new fiber junkies. LOL
thanks for looking and for the advice me twin!

Sandy & the sheep said...

Hi JoAnne! You will do fine, it is a little slow right now so keep your chin up ok? Hang in there and let me know if I can help! X0