Thursday, May 21, 2009

What a wild week!

What a beautiful day spent with friends yesterday-friends that we actually call family- Graham & Margaret! I absolutely adore them! They have a very happy flock that gallops acres and acres of pasture-living the good life! We have a shearing party there each year to help them out, and we had so many people to help this year, it really WAS a party- except for our David the wonder shearer! Poor fellow- but don't be fooled, we take very good care of him! ;0)

This is a picture of the loot- gorgeous Scottish Black Face, Scotch Mule, North Country Cheviot and British Suffolk fleeces! They will be showing up on the website this weekend so keep an eye out! You can see more from our day of shearing on our Flickr account so be sure to browse about, and stop back in for our update this weekend.... Today is llama/alpaca shearing day here so if we don't get to your email promptly, appreciate your patience!! Toodles!


Taos Sunflower said...

The fleece hoarder in me wants to grab all those bags of fresh fleeces and run for the hills!

Sandy & the sheep said...

you make me giggle Martie! I would help you with the hill! Promise! ;0)

velmalikevelvet said...

oops, let's try that again.

love the haircut shot!

am trying to hang on to my PapPal pennies so I can pay you when I see a big invoice this week!

have fun & happy Tuesday, V

Sandy & the sheep said...

back atcha V! Thanks for the kind words- I love how the pictures turned out- should have taken more! Was too busy with all the friends/new friends there- and of course taking good care of David the Wonder Shearer- we need to knit him a red cape like Superman!!! ;0)