Thursday, April 09, 2009

What's a spinnin'?

Howdy do everyone! From the land of naked sheep-who want less wind and more WARM! Got any to spare? hee hee. Been getting back to my spinning and got some nice pictures- so here they are. I splurged and purchased the batts from my friend Jazzturtle Creates - be sure to check out her shop- LOTs of wonderful fiber and yarn- she is a good friend of the sheep!
There are two kinds of batts, the front are her Treasure Chest batts- and they are definitely that! Full of fiber that just pops out at you as you spin. Color, texture and goodies- yum! The batt at the top of the picture is the exact opposite- all sleek, shiny and smooth- I decided to combine the batts and this is the in progress shot. I have a secret plan in mind for this yarn so stay tuned! Thank you for your creative batts Jazzturtle!!!

These are Wensleydale locks I am spinning for a yarn shop- yum. The colors are so pretty all together- and yep, have to spin it ALL. Shucky darn. PS- these sheep live in a heated barn??? Don't tell our sheep, they might pack up their little hobo bandanas and leave! bwaaahahahaha!

Lash yarn in progress (above)

And drum rolllll palease! Mini coils spun on my Kromski Symphony wheel? What has the world come to- mini art yarn? Took me two entire afternoons to get 20 yards done. Ugh. That was just the coil part, not counting spinning the single ply. Do not know how all you spinners keep cranking this yarn out!

In the past, this style has never worked out for me- the yarn always fell apart when I skeined it up. This one did not fall apart at that point, but am not sure it won't when I knit it- going to do a test run before I offer any of this yarn-eek. It is spun from a blend of our Merino cross boys that came from Pennsylvania a while back...
Happy fiber/yarn fun everyone, hope all is well and look forward to seeing you! Toodles!


Brenda said...

Oooo, such pretty colors!

Sandy & the sheep said...

It is great to 'see' you here! Thank you for the kind words and hope you are enjoying the sunshine! Finally!!!