Sunday, March 02, 2008

Update Rescheduled for Monday--wah!

Well, humid/melting weather is here and our fiber is not cooperating by drying FAST! SO, update on the site tomorrow--thank you for your patience! We will have new batts, unwashed fleeces, picked fiber, dyed fiber and whatever else the sheep decide to play in! ha! Also new 3 Chic Knit items & Holly items--be sure to browse about....

Speaking of Holly items, the donations are still pouring in for our fundraiser! This is one of the donations from our Dennis, a talented rug hooker who likes to hook pictures of our sheep! This is the artwork available on Holly's page from Dennis, signed and oh my, I am so attached to her, selling the artwork is almost like selling my own sheep-which I NEVER do!

The picture is of Gabriella, a sweet Cotswold girl we rescued a few years ago. She has a beyond soft, curly fleece and is just a peach! Her best friends are Athena and Jada, two of her family members who came along with her at the time.

Will have to post pictures of my current (one of them anyway) knitting project! It is so fun, I am creating a throw/shawl that is completely made up of our Homestead fibers--AND for once I am keeping track of the yarns I use and who they are from--and that info will be passed along to the buyer, along with the sheep's pictures and stories--might be a BOOK before I get it done! ha! Over and out--off to spin some fun yarnies!

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