Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pig Tales....

If you ever wonder why I get nothing done on line, here is a good example of why.... We have some housebound critters here, they are just like us, want to be out and about and no more COLD! Our two pot belly piglets (Peanut-yep the bigger one and his friend Pal, about half his size) had a brawl today and we actually had to seperate them. I am shocked. They have been together their entire adult lives and I cannot believe Peanut is such a bully. They are usually such happy piglets, they share a warm house, and live in our little apple 'orchard', spending their days in the sun and being very good friends.

Peanut did such a number on Pal today, his poor little back is just so sore and he has some nasty gashes for me to get all healed up now. SO, in the interest of stopping the cycle of nastiness on Peanut's part, we set up a seperate house for Pal and tricked him into coming over to eat his supper in the new piggy hospital pen. We have been out several times since to secure fencing, put hay bales back where WE had them and I am hoping he will settle in (moving around quite well for as bad as his poor back looks) and go to bed! (And believe me, if they were not so 'private' about their houses, I would have gladly curled up out there--and their houses are definitely cleaner than mine most times.... )

I even made Pal a bed with lots of new hay and even some very warm/soft felted sweaters that were hanging around waiting for a project. Pal did not appreciate my efforts however, he promptly threw all six sweaters OUT of his bed and is still looking at me with his nose stuck through the fence like hey, what IS domestic violence??? :0)

SO, today was spent running to town, picking up supplies for the new digs and dragging our two flu ridden bodies through the mud pit outside to make our little pig comfy for the night. I am on my way out AGAIN as we speak to go move that flipping hay bale one more time and throw some popcorn in Pal's new house--think it will work? Next thing he will want me to rent a few movies too? Ugh. Over and out, hope to have no more mutiny on the S.S. Ryan so I can try to accomplish our update tomorrow..... Keep your fingers crossed!! That'll do're breaking my heart.....

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