Monday, March 10, 2008

Thank you and way to go!!

You are all so wonderful! I just sent some more cash to Holly EQQ and you have raised a total of $1,668.40 for her medical related expenses (trip stuff). Yey! You are all amazing and we are going to continue the Holly fundraiser until March 31 so be sure to shop shop shop!!

We will start our next fundraiser this fall and already know who it will be for so please keep us in mind in October--you are all absolutely amazingly wonderful!! Thank you to everyone for being so generous donating items and purchasing, bidding on them too!!

Bobbi and Andrew (pictured) are ready for spring and more daylight hours to sleep through! ha! They are up all night guarding their sheep so in the day time, we find them sleeping in amongst the sheep-snuggled up against the favorite sheep of that nap time. They are very dedicated and we adore them. :0)

The yarn pictured is my next knitting adventure--finally got some projects accomplished this past weekend so my needles are free. Well, at least more of them.... Our neices are twins and told me at Christmas time that they 'needed' pink blankets for their beds. They had their Polly Pocket dolls with them so that day I spent knitting blankets and cat beds for their dolls--and one thing let to another (including finger knit scarves for taking naps!). SO, the yarn is spun bulky thick and thinner out of soft Superwash merino wool I had stashed away. I plyed it with a strong pinky thread--now that I have it all skeined up, will be putting it into the dyepots to be shockingly pink--I hope!! More pictures to follow, really cannot wait to get knitting, going to be a warm snuggly couple of blankies! ha! TTFN!

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nashe said...

i really like what our doing and love that you are cruelty free ..i will be by to see more wool and soon make a urchace.. so glad u are around ...