Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Shearing date? eek!

Oh my, shearing is looming for next week (no confirmation on the exact day yet) and your friendly Sandy fiber piglet is scrambling for shelving so I have room. I tend to be as attached to the sheep's fleeces as I am the sheep--now how silly is THAT? SO, watch the site for lots of great wool as I work to make room for new. If there is a fleece you would like to share with me/reserve, please email and let me know. Then I can keep the fleece aside from the start which saves me space and time. It will probably take me a few weeks to get them sorted for you depending on how many of you take me up on reservations so please keep that in mind. It is just me skirting the fiber and I am not alway so fast! Part of my charm right? hahahaha!

As you can see, Lily the Shetland is ready for shearing--she is actually much woolier than the picture shown now! She will lose 10 pounds or so at shearing--wouldn't it be great if we girls could lose that kind of weight by shaving our legs? Bwaahahahahaha! Fleeces will be reserved first come first serve....

We have had lots of great pictures shared for our gallery on the site so be sure to check out the new inspirations! We are also re-stocking our Etsy shop with sheep related art, paintings and rug hookings from our Dennis. Have a look and more soon!

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