Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Update! Giddy up!

Oh my, I am not sure I have introduced our Ingrid (Bergman)--one of our famous glamour girl sheep?? She is a peach and quite the character! She raised a family of chicks a few summers ago--they were so happy to warm up on her wooly back! Their mama was disappointed they left her but Ingrid carried them around all over the pasture--never saw a sheep do that so it was quite a good time to watch! She is cute! Her twin sister is Greta (Garbo), brother is Arthur and a relative is our little Claire. They are all gorgeous Shetland sheep and we just listed Ingrid's fleece on our unwashed fiber page--be sure to get some glamour for your next project!! ha!

Don't miss out on our Circlin' the Wagons for Holly campaign either! We still have some great, generous donations on her page and we will be closing this effort on March 31. Be sure to browse and see what is fun and available ok? :0)

I will be updating again later this week, have some goodies in the dyepots and drying downstairs--of course not as quickly as I think they should! Hope you all are having some nice weather--we shear sheep next week and we are crossing our fingers for cooler temps til after that day--it is a mud pit around here and want our fleeces DRY dry dry!! Keep good thoughts for our weather and will keep you posted! Over and out!

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