Thursday, March 20, 2008

My latest distraction!

Well, Spring has sprung here, with lots of surprises & distractions for me! :0) This is the first bottle lamb of our season--born at our friends the Thompson's place on Monday--have to think of a good Irish name for him for sure!

The mama had three babies of her own, then adopted/stole one more from another mama. End result, too many babies to keep healthy & this one fell behind. Thompsons love the lambs too but get too attached if they have them in the house, SO, twist my arm and wa-la, a sweet little lambie for ME! He is a Border Leicester/Tunis/Suffolk & maybe more cross--healthy and happy hopping about my office keeping me company. My little shadow.

Love my family for sure--he even got an invite to Easter dinner on Sunday--how cool is that? He will spend the day lapsitting and sleeping in his playpen--and will sleep like a champ on the way home. Just like a little kid who has too much fun all day--out like a light for the drive home! ha!

We are hoping to get an update done again this weekend but depending on how fast things dry, might be Monday. Keep an eye out and will keep you posted--cheers!

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