Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wowser, we are up EARLY today!

Have you checked out our 3 Chic Knit pages?? If not, added some very fun new items this morning--the sheep and I got up early and have it done (til later anyway!). Yey sheep and sleepy me! ha! The shawl and scarf are my mom's wonderful work and the throw is my creation--be sure to read about them, might tempt you into a fashion statement with sheepy hugs involved? :0)

Have some fun items coming up too--will be adding warm hats, more shawls and a gorgeous white cotton (handspun) throw/shawl that is great for those of you with sensitive skin!

Today is gloomy but warming so the sheep are happily eating their hay salads outside. We are not far from shearing again (eek!) so working on getting that scheduled, and keeping control of the River Ryan! Over and out, might see more tonight--have new yarns to add too!

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