Monday, March 31, 2008

Shearing tomorrow--April 1....

Here you see a sheep who has realised we are not doing an April fool's joke! We truly are shearing sheep tomorrow (April 1) and are hoping the weather warms up sooner than next week. Our sheep do not like their freedom taken away--but hey, stinks when someone cares about you right? ha!

This picture is our Spirit sheep, he is a little more cautious of us, will snatch a treat from you but always runs off with it--doesn't stay around to see if we are going to try to catch him--out runs me every time (which I have to admit doesn't take much these days)! He is a beautiful Lincoln/Romney (?) cross with a sinfully gorgeous tri-color fleece. He spends his time romping with Toshi (Ross' Shetland sheep) and the other Shetlands in the group that is watched over by our Dalai Llama. That brings up another thought--very unhappy llamas tomorrow too--they do NOT appreciate their charges being seperated from them. They stalk us all day waiting for their sheep to come back, only to get back an unruly mob that does not recognize each other.

It is sort of sad that they get shaved and lose who is who in their little group of friends. I swear, it takes a few days for them to stop fussing trying to find that special friend again. The llamas are not patient with them either, they just want things to stay the same and after shearing, not so--the sheep REALLY do not like change! Specially when they are almost naked! eek!

The sheep got an update on the site today so please be sure to browse -I am hoping to be alive and kicking enough to get another one done this weekend. There will be lots of new fleeces, dyed wool and even batts I believe. Wish us luck, the rains have so far passed us by, only sprinkles but the sheep are all tucked into the barns to keep them dry any way. We are hoping for a dry, warmer day tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed! We will be catching up on email tomorrow night or at the latest Wednesday morning so we have not forgotten you, we are just slogging through tomorrow--and of course I have to do a swan dive into my ridiculous stash of new fleeces right? Maybe Ross will snap a picture of his weirdo, fiber piglet (oink) mom rolling in fresh fleeces??!! ha! Cheers!

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