Monday, March 03, 2008

Update Ahoy!! ha!

Well, we all busted out our slosh boots and got the update done--the sheep are back outside having dinner--hee hee! We have lots of new washed & unwashed fiber, dyed fiber and batts galore! Handspun update tomorrow, waiting for yarn to dry--story of my life these days....

We are also featuring several of our sheep's fleeces on the unwashed fiber page -including our Riley! Riley is a little more shy than our other sheep, although he does love to sneak a treat, specially if you don't look directly at him--must be the I can't see you you can't see me trick? Goose! He is a Shetland/Merino cross sheep with locks of 4+ inches, very little debris, and his fleece is definitely next to the skin soft--and leans toward the Merino side of his heritage--with out the high lanolin content. Have some fun and try out smiley Riley's wool!! Over and out for now, off to see if we need to man the life boats! ha! (see last post for full edition of THAT story!)

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