Monday, March 17, 2008

Hooray for an update!!

Giddy up! Got the update done today finally and there is LOTS to check out! Unwashed wool, washed, batts, clouds, handspun AND 3 Chic Knit items! Oooh la la!

The pink handspun is all dyed up now for the Kidlet blankets--will keep you posted on the progress!

Here is a funny story for the day--still cracks me up! Noodle (our deaf Border Collie puppy) was not happy to see our Buddy Schnauzer--after he got his spring hair cut that is! I shaved him, leaving his face in a typical schnauz look and when Noodle came back inside, she took one look at Buddy, started barking at him and ran and hid on the stairway! Silly girl. She just could not recognize her friend and it was not a good thing--however, Buddy took advantage of his new do and chased Noodle all around the house for about 1/2 hour before Noodle gave it up. Almost like the sheep on shearing day--they do not recognize each other and it is noisy for a few days while they get back with their buddies--who all look funny! Never a dull moment here and as you can see, I am very easily amused!! Over and out for now!

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