Monday, March 03, 2008

The River Ryan....

What a freakin' day. Ugh. These are pictures of what we not so affectionately call 'the River Ryan'. When the RR is running, we are not happy campers. As you can see by the second picture, excuse my French but that is Bobbi for WHAT THE HELL??

This farm is over 150 years old and the natural water run off from the ridge behind us runs from Ida's 80+ acres behind/above us in a natural course, right through our farm, and out to the marshy end of our largest pasture. It is downright frightening some times and today is one of those times. Our group of boys is marooned in their barn, and the girls are ok but three of our groups cannot safely even get to their water this time. Rats. We will of course be moving water inside today!

The view of the barn and RR are from our back porch door. We will be spending our day on water patrol--if a sheep gets into the water (maybe pushed in by a playful buddy because they won't wade in) their wool gets drenched and they can't get out. I am thankful it is not warm out though, if a llama decides to bathe (they love water) they can have the same problem. SO, Ross and I will be ready with our faithful sidekick the Gatormobile in case anyone take a tumble into the water--keep your fingers crossed they won't ok? Yuk and ugh.

We will be sending packages tomorrow, sorry for the delay, it is brutal out there, windy and the roads are icy so please bear with us--we appreciate your patience as we deal with this wacky 'winter' weather!

The GOOD thing about today is I will be able to work like a devil on the update--have lots of dry fiber ready to go, yarn, 3 Chic Knits and Holly items! Please be sure to stop back later in the day! Off to don my scuba gear! (that is not a pretty picture either--believe me! bwaaaahahahaha!)

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