Saturday, April 05, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

This is our Laura sheep--pre-shearing! My poor sheep are probably wishing for their coats to be magically back again! Dratted weather is a bit raw but they seem to be less worried than I am--part of my charm maybe?? Meant to worry--sounds like a song! ha!

Laura is a McNair Romney we purchased from the McNairs a few years back--her mama is our Abigail so that makes her sister to Abi's twins Piper and Baaxter..... Fun fun all in the family. She has a beautiful silver/gray spotted fleece that is just soft soft.

We sheared on Tuesday and David the wonder shearer did a great job as usual. He is a peach. We started out about 730 am, and Jim & Ross were back in the house about 8 pm. I pooped out around 630. What a wimp huh?? ha! Lucky for me I was more organized this year. I had made up a list of 'dibs' fleeces and those that I wanted to send to the mills right away. Set those aside to come inside to be sorted first. Then the rest went to join what I have hung onto (oink oink) from last year's shearing. I have a stash that would make most of you cringe--but love it anyway!

If there is a fleece you would like to try or share with me, just email and let us know. I am off to plow through the first 40 or so fleeces and look forward to the update this week--lots of fun in store!! Cheers!

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