Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cool Wheel!

How cool is THIS wheel?? It is handcrafted by Gilbert Gonsalves of Maine and called the Robin-and the sheep's friend Julie M spins fantastic yarns on it! You can read more about it here. Love the look of the wheel and the large bobbins--lotsa yarn a spinnin'! ha!

Working toward an update this weekend, it is humid and more rain in the forecast so trying to get the wool DRY!

AND for the best news ever, my Mom is done with her chemo as of May 27!!!! Yey and way to go Mom--you are amazing and I love you dearly. She has been through the wringer and come out stronger and if possible even more wonderful--and what gorgeous hair! Again, yey Mom! Hug your family everyone--every day!

1 comment:

HollyEQQ said...

oOOHHH - What a pretty wheel! Me likey!

And be sure to send my love to your Mom. I know you are glad that she is almost there and I am sure she is thrilled!
Big ups to her. I know it has been a tough road. She is amazing.