Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Update and project fun!

Hello everyone! Just finished up another update on our site that includes unwashed and dyed wool--be sure to take a look! Our 'meet the sheep' is Jolly, a 1 year old Romney lamb I got for Christmas from my family. Jolly lives up to his name, as a newborn, he strangely learned to walk backwards? He is right as rain now and a very happy boy! He has some of his first ever shearing on the site that is called 'Flame' so be sure to check it out!

The picture of the pink knitting project is the first of two blankets I am creating for our twin nieces. They are four and wanted blankets for their beds. I spun up a very bulky single from some Superwash Merino, plyed it with a cotton thread, then dyed it a shocking pink! Now I have one blanket almost complete and have plenty of yarn for the next one--now deciding if it wants to have fringe or not....

The second yarny picture is one skein of my single ply, one from Eling and a skein of two ply from Eva. I am creating a scarf that will be warm and soft. It will be travelling to Russia with a customer of the sheep in June--now how fun is THAT?! Three different spinners all the way to Russia.... :0)

Be sure to check the update, will have another by the weekend, sorting fleeces every morning! Happy Tuesday!!

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